Chapel in midst of Animal Welfare Controversy

We were asked to display a poster advertising Peter Jolly's Circus which is showing at Long Lane between the 5th and the 9th of August. As we usually do we took the notice and blu-tacked it to the wall inside our doorway, noticing that this circus featured animal acts, we commented on how unusual this was nowadays.

Peter Jolly's CircusA couple of days afterwards we got a visit from from a gentleman representing CAPS (Captive Animals Protection Society), who was handing out a leaflet railing against using animals as "entertainment"

We had not considered this side of things and a discussion followed considering the pro's and cons of animal circus acts, and indeed if one bans such acts is it not logical to ban keeping animals as pets? 

We then moved on to breeding animals for "human purposes" obviously monkeys, beagles etc for experiments, but what about cows and sheep, for meat, chickens & ducks for eggs?  Would all of these animals exist if we did not breed them for "consumption"? What about animals that may not be bred / farmed exactl,y but are promoted and supported, pheasants for the glorious "twelfth"?

In light of the current media furore how about the breeding of Lions etc, for in one area Game Hunting, and in another a Game Reserve, trying to sustain a species? What view should we take here?

After running ourselves round in circles we decided to put up both leaflets and see "what the people think" – we note that the local butcher Mac Vernon has (surprisingly perhaps?) taken a similar course?

Animal welfare side 1animal_welfare2 We would be very interestd in your thoughts and perhaps the views of anyone who does visit the Circus?

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  • 10th August 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Hi, I am the organizer of the annual Whaley Bridge Water Weekend.  We have a petting zoo and a fairground,  Every year we get a complaint from a local animal action group member about  "stressed" Meerkats or reptiles.  This particular chap is a well known circus protester.  This year we had a complaint by a local  political activist about goldfish being offered as prizes by the fairground.  Animals welfare is something we take seriously and we ensure that our "zoo" complies with current legislation.  Extremist minorities can not be allowed to intimidate the majority who must be allowed to come to an informed decision about the use of animals for entertainment or killing and selling them for food for that matter.


    Barry (Rudd)

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