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ComputerBits in Chapel comments about local Broadband

Today we were asked by a local organisation if we thought there was any point in campaigning to get the Local Authorities to fight to get faster Broadband in the area, and that it had been suggested this might be possible. It seems this was spurred by some residents of Combs, who use Broadband for business and would like a faster connection.

Now of course we would all like superfast connection, but the issues seemed to us to be:

What do they want to do that they cannot do now ? We for example have a 2Mb basic connection as the main supply to our business, (we do have a secondary connection but it is not usually used except for testing purposes) on this we run an internet based business, connecting a Server and eight or nine PCs, two or three laptops,  up to 4 customers PCs at any time plus two or three smartphones, an in-house email server, an IP camera/surveillance system, a free-hotspot access point for public use, and a VOIP/IP telephony system.  But yes sometimes things do slow down when my daughter gets home from school and starts trying to watch TV online.

This highlights what to me is the point everyone overlooks, it is not “business use” that needs fast broadband but use of online TV, Instant Movie viewing (Netflix etc) and on-line gaming, plus to a lesser extent Apps like Facebook where photos are uploaded. These are clearly less business and more consumer recreation uses.

What is it they want done to achieve “faster broadband”? If you examine our local exchange,

Chapel Exchange information
Chapel BT exchange info

you will see it is certainly not in the vanguard of high speed internet technology, and is lagging behind many BT exchanges in terms of modernisation. Perhaps there is a case here for urging BT push us a bit higher up their upgrade list, we have not yet been upgraded to their 21C network, which would perhaps enable FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) or even FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) to be made available.

BUT and the BIG BUT here is that there are available faster connections, even with current local technology, ordinary connections are available at up to 18Mb (download – it is ADSL!). Part of the grumble is that “Fed*** M**** have a “quick connection” and so do the local schools” well yes they probably have dedicated Ethernet connections, (we checked out a local “corporate” who indeed have 10Mb ethernet at “over £300 per month), you too can have these, all you have to do is pay a couple of thousand for the installation and £3/400 per month thereafter. If you want that please come and see us.

Another issue is of course the “Up To”, when I talk about 18mbs connections, you need to locate your premises next door to the exchange, if you happen to be in Combs with a long old dodgy phone line well you will probably only get a couple of Meg, (hey thats what we get by on!), this is regardless of which Service Provider you use. We deal with users in Peak Forest, Flash and suchlike who get 512k Broadband and their option is that, or go back to “dial-up”, or perhaps like a user we dealt with even father “out in the sticks” pay £1000 per month for Satellite, which is frankly not very good anyway. To put it simply “you get what you pay for” and in the current financial circumstances it seems unlikely to me that the Local Council will chip in to get us something better.

We are located in the Market Place and are happy to discuss your individual situation with regard to internet connection, taking into account all possibilities from leased line, to normal phone lines and even Cellular ADSL, just call in and ask, but please don’t expect to pay £6.50 a month and get fast reliable no limits connection with backup and support.


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  • 6th August 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Ive just moved here and previously lived in a highspeed broadband enabled area. All I can say is that I think fast broadband IS essential for modern day life. If you have a family and the son wants to use xbox, dad wants to watch online tv and mum wants to skype her relatives you have no chance. It all grinds to a halt. I work in whaley and our business constantly struggles with the lame 2mb connection we have. We have a total of 7 computers including server and its even difficult to create an online UPS consignment at times. Please bring us super-duper internet speeds, all seeing ones. It would make a lot of peoples lives less stressful and more enjoyable

    -Thanks For Reading-

  • 9th September 2012 at 1:09 pm

    The Chapel exchange has now been enabled for 20mbps broadband.
    Our ISP is automatically moving our connection to the new speed in the next 2 weeks.
    Some ISPs will not automatically advise you that you can have the new speed as they make more profit by keeping you on the old speed. If you are with one of these ISPs you are best voting with your feet as it is sharp practice.

  • 26th June 2013 at 12:03 pm

    I have been with the same ISP (Demon) in Peak Forest (1999-2006), Combs (2006-2009) and Chapel (2009 – date).

    In Peak Forest a group of us worked hard with BT to get from dial-up to ‘broadband’.
    A few of us were lucky and got 1 mbs or thereabouts. It was OK for a rural area.
    It’s all about cable length to the nearest exchange …..
    if the new digital exchange reached Fairfield, apparently we will get a big benefit in the Chapel area.
    In Combs i got a fairly reliable 2mbs which i found adequate for home and business use.
    In Chapel it started at 2-4 mbs but recently this download speed has increased to 6-8 mbs.
    Occasionally it reaches 20-28 mbs but i’m not sure how / why this should be.
    Of course, upload speed is always a lot less, but that rarely makes a difference.
    If i’m sending lots of e-mails with attachments i can see them stack up a while, but they go after a few minutes.

    IMHO, the first requirement is *reliable* broadband, then it’s a question of speed based on what you’re doing with it.
    Like the Cbits article, 2mbs is enough to do most things with for home and business.
    I guess HD viewing, on-line gaming, etc needs more. Faster broadband will come, given time.
    But will we want to be streaming HD, on-line gaming etc etc or outdoors enjoying our fabulous countryside ??

  • 20th December 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Well thank you very much BT for offering me free Infinity broadband for six months. I would love to take you up on this offer but what you are offering you cannot supply. May I ask that before you offer such service that you are capable of supplying it ?.

  • 13th January 2015 at 11:01 am

    My download speeds vary from 8mbps to 14mbps with a typical value of 12mbps. I live a mile from the exchange and use Zen Internet as my supplier. I am not sure that I would gain much practical use if I had cable to the house.

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