Chapel Website Refresh

We hope that you have noticed has had a makeover for 2019.

Our website has been allowed to become somewhat jaded and out-of-date.  Really, one of the problems of volunteer based internet, when the people concerned are busy elswhere, is things do not get updated as often as they should.

We decided that we needed a new look and so here it is (at least the beginnings; it is still very much a work in progress).

The website depends upon information and input from all and any interested parties. If you were a registered user before, sorry, but you will need to re-register before you can post.

We are also updating our business directory which is the premier guide to local businesses, so if you have a business please go check your entry is current, and if you don’t have a business, go check out the directory anyway, you’ll be suprised at what Chapel and its environs have to offer!

We think of ourselves as a community based news and service channel, so please let us know about anything you feel may be relevant: news, events, and opinions all are welcome.

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