Its not a secret any longer

Yes, Carnival Day 2012 is Saturday June 16th (put it in your diary)

One of our perennial gripes has been that Chapel Carnival committee was the local equivalent of the Mafia, now that’s not to say engaged in any criminality, (unless you class the annual advertising request as extortion! Secret telling smile ) but they have been a “secret society” with a pervading presence but no one quite seemed to know how to contact them.

This has been frustrating, we often get people asking how to contact them, or can we pass a message, and we have been embarrassed that we had no contact details, indeed we know Doveholes Carnival and even Whaley Rose Queen, but had no contact with the most local group

We are very pleased to say that this situation seems to have changed dramatically, following a visit by Rachel Saxby who is a member of the committee and is putting in a lot of time pounding the streets drumming up support (and advertising for the Carnival Magazine)

We are pleased that our offer to host a website for the carnival within this website has not only been accepted, but populated with pages that Rachel has written, please go have a look at, can we wish every success to this site. (You can contact them via this site using the contact form).

We have quite a few opinions as to things that should be done to make “our carnival” an even more exciting experience, but very little available time to contribute, so please get involved, put in your two-pennyworth, and lets get this event being stronger each year!

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