Lend a neighbourly hand ?

whaley rose We are very upset to hear that Whaley Bridge Rose Queen is in a poor way due to lack of support

Chapel Carnival has we know found it difficult for many years to recruit the "workers" who spend a great amount of time and energy doing the background tasks needed so that we can all enjoy Carnival Day

It seems that major conurbations can manage to get organizations and people to support say Notting Hill, or Gay Pride, or Manchester Lord Mayors Parade, but smaller towns and communities struggle to find volunteers who are will to "join in" and help. Perhaps this is a feature of being "dormitory communities" where people simply "stop overnight" rather than "live", its also a problem for businesses especially retail and organisations such as Churches, Scouts,  Bands, Arts groups etc. (Totally Locally?)

So come on, if you live in (or near) Whaley get along to their meeting on Thursday and lend a hand?

And if your a Chapelite (Chapeltonian??) what part are you playing in your community?, its not really any sacrifice,  its an opportunity to get out, make new friends have a coffee (or stronger) and show off your talents to YOUR neighbours and friends.

We keep a listing of local organisations here go take a look we are sure you will be very welcome

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